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Kolbus Controls                                          Carrolton , Ohio

            Kolbus Controls is involved very much in PLC programming, specializing in Electroplating.

Working with them, my son (Jason) and I have written the software to control several very large Robots.


            For Masterguard Electroplating in Veedersburg , Indiana we created a robot that monitored and controlled 14 Hoists, 128 Tank Locations, 100 Storage Locations, Six Elevators, Three Shuttles and around 50 other motors. This software was written in Visual Basic hooked to Access Databases and PLCs.  They chrome plate bumpers for the auto industry. Here's a link that will display a Word Document (Saved as a Web Page) describing this software.


            For Rolls Royce in Indianapolis , Indiana we created a robot that monitored and controlled a One Hoists, 19 Tank Locations. This software was written in Visual Basic hooked to Access Databases and PLCs. The hoist did its thing based on part recipes which included the timings for all the tanks along with Rectifier information (Amps/Volts), drain times, etc. They copper plate jet engine parts for aviation industry.


            For General Super Plating in Syracuse , New York we created a robot that monitored and controlled 6 Hoists, 70 Tank Locations. This software was written in Visual Basic hooked to Access Databases and PLCs.  They chrome plate plastic handles for razors among many other things.

Interleave Systems, Inc.                  Heath, Ohio

            Interleave is a subsidiary of Wisconsin Label Group, and provides computer related products involved in the labeling industry. I was working on a production line (print and apply) package for Coca Cola Syrup Plants. EDI (bar code) labels are printed and applied to the boxes of syrup as they travel down Coke’s production lines. Also, pallet labels are printed and applied to the shrunk wrapped skids. I spent a lot of time modifying their Visual Basic code to be compatible with multiple networks (NT and Novell). I spent a lot of time, on the road trouble shooting, and installing the software and hardware. I programmed many thermal printers on this project.



We live in a changing world. Today more products than ever before are manufactured with the aid of robotics. Robots are the combination of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, or other means, and computer controlled thought. Today most of the thought is a collaboration of many peoples ideas translated to computer code. Tomorrows robots and computers will be able to think and make decisions and do things that the programmers did not plan on. 

Today's robots do what we tell them to do. So, I will ask you "What do you want your robot to do? 

Tomorrows robots will do most everything we can do and what we can't. So how shall we spend our time? It will be a while before robots can tell other robots what to do, so I am going to spend my time telling computers and robots what to do. "HAL". "I will take two eggs over easy, a slice of ham and a tomato juice". What do you want to ask your robot to do?

But where should you start? There is some information online where you can learn how to make robots listen to you. Or give us a call. We can translate your wants into language your robot will understand.   


Here are some interesting articles from Wikipedia.

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Robotics Associations

Robotics Online: http://www.roboticsonline.com/index.cfm

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The Association for Robotics in Hazardous Environments (RHE) http://www.robotics.org

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The Material Handling Institute  http://www.mhia.org/

Society of Manufacturing Engineers, (SME) http://www.sme.org


Robotics Companies

Asea Brown Boveri  http://www.abb.com/

Rockwell automation/ Allan Bradley: http://www.ab.com/

Adept Technology  http://www.adept.com/

Epson Robots  http://www.robots.epson.com/

FANUC Robotics  http://www.fanucrobotics.com/

Kawasaki Robotics  http://www.kawasakirobotics.com/

KUKA is Europe's leading manufacturer of industrial robots  http://www.kuka.com/en/

Yaskawa  http://www.yaskawa.com

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