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Rolls Royce Electroplating Line Documentation


This is the Production Line Menu that is displayed when you double click the Icon on the desktop of the computer.


Cloud Callout: The recipe button allows you to build the steps in each recipe. This area is password protected.Cloud Callout: This button let’s you look at or change parts already loaded and working through the process.Cloud Callout: This is the button that controls the hoist movements and the running of recipes.


Click the Monitor Line button to display the hoist and line information.

Cloud Callout: The X has been disabled on many screens. Use the Exit Buttons


This screen must be running to control the hoist with recipes.

Cloud Callout:  Cloud Callout: This was a code editing tool, but as long as it keeps changing you know the software is running. If it should stop: Close the software and restart it.Cloud Callout: Shows where parts are located. You can click on the recipe number to display the steps for that cycle. The steps can be changed without changing the recipe but you must make the changes before the hoist drops into the tank you want to change.Cloud Callout: Shows what the hoist is currently working on.


When you click the Recipe button


You will receive this password screen. Enter the password and continue on to the Recipe Entry/Edit screen.























Cloud Callout: To change the 16 available colors click the Define Colors button to display this screen. Then click on the color you want to change to show the color picker control.To add a new Recipe Click the Add button. Then enter an identification number and description. Pick an associated color. Enter rectifier settings for one part. Do not add the entire batch setting. The rectifier settings will be multiplied for the number of parts entered by the operator. Then you are ready to enter the steps but first there are several more things you can do on this screen. You can also delete a recipe by clicking on the Delete button.

Cloud Callout:  Cloud Callout: You can pick from this pallet or define your own custom colors. Cloud Callout:    Cloud Callout:



Once there are too many Recipes to find the one you need quickly, you can use the Quick Find option. It will narrow the records by what you type in. The left side is sorted and filtered by the ID number and the right side is sorted/filtered by the description.



The Product you are looking for will quickly flow to the list. Entering 2 or 3 characters should display it. Then click it to select that Product.




This is a grid view of all of the recipes. You can click on the part you want to select it for editing on the Cycle Parts Tab or the Steps tab.








Once you enter a new recipe ID and rectifier information you can enter steps. Click the Add button  to add a new step. The Part Id will be filled in automatically. You need to enter the step number in order 1 thru the total number of steps sequentially. When the last step is entered be sure to check the Done/Last Step check box to end the recipe.



This tab displays the recipe steps in a grid format. You can use this to position the record pointer to the step you want to change.









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