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EPA Information Reporting Project

Language used: Visual Basic, Excel with an Access Database. One of our customers, a label producer, needed to keep track of their press production hours, and the Volatile Organic Compound emissions from the inks and varnishes used in their processes. We created the following software.


This is the startup screen.
This screen keeps track of individual press information. There are four tabs that help to separate information. This tab is a data entry form where you can add, change, and delete press information.
Clicking the 2nd tab displays a grid of all presses. Where you can also add change and delete press information.
Tab 3 allows the user to select a date range to evaluate the hours and emissions on the totals tab.
This is the 4th tab which displays total emissions for the current press and date range from the previous tabs. You can print four reports from this tab. You can also click the Graph Monthly Hours or Voc to send your current data to an Excel spreadsheet. On the spreadsheet you click a button and it automatically creates a great looking graph.
This graph takes only a few clicks to make. Looking at data this way can help give insights into improving your business.

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