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Gas Station--Mini Mart Daily Closing Tool

One of our customers runs a Gas Station--Mini Mart  He was spending 2 hours per day closing the books. I developed an Excel Workbook that had all of the categories and readings necessary. The workbook contains a worksheet for every day of a month. Inventory figures are carried forward from day to day. And as the data is entered category graphs and monthly summaries automatically change as the data is entered. He now spends about a half hour per day closing the books.

We now have four stores using this software. We have been keeping track of gas station totals for 2 years. Totals and sales graphs are included. ie. Total Sales Graph, Total MTD Report, Daily Graph of Sales, Shop Graph, Shop Totals, Mini Mart Graph, Mini Mart Totals, Kerosene Units, Kerosene Dollars, Cigarette, Labor, Tires, Batteries, Parts, Gas Units, Gas Dollars, Oil Units, Oil Dollars, Vending, ATM, U-Haul, LP Gas, Towing, plus all of their payouts. The software can be customized to track anything you need.

You can get to the graphs and other worksheets by using the bar shown below and on the bottom of the workbook.

We could tailor one for your business. Email us at wcc@alltel.net and let's start a conversation.

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