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Jason Gabriel Williams


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Jason Gabriel Williams

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I graduated early from Newark Senior High School in January 1994. After graduation I started an apprenticeship with my father, programming computers. My dad’s teaching experience, coupled with our synergy, made our teacher/student relationship both insightful and fun. We were partners in Williams Computer Consulting for years and we worked on many challenging projects together.

I attended college at The Ohio State University Newark branch. I am in the pursuit of a degree in computer and information sciences with emphasis on business. My first quarter, I made the dean’s list and one of my papers was published.

The Internet has changed education. I have been taking classes and educating myself using the World Wide Web for a long time. I have mainly focused on computer programming related items such as: Visual Basic, C#, Java, relational database design and Microsoft Dynamics AX; however, when you have everything mankind has accomplished at your fingertips you find yourself taking interesting tangents. I am currently studying Electrical Engineering through the Kahn Academy.

I am currently enrolled in a robotics and automation program at C-TEC (Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County) The program was created through a partnership between C-TEC and COMP (Central Ohio Manufacturing Partnership) The robotics and automation program focuses on Lean Systems and Industrial Safety, Electrical Control Systems, Robotic Operations, Advanced Robotics, PLC (programmable logic controller) Operations, and Advanced PLC’s. So far, I have earned two SACA (Smart Automation Certification Alliance) Certifications: C-202 - Electric Motor Control Systems 1 and C-206 - Electrical System Installation 1 and two robotic certifications: Fanuc Certified Robot Operator with Roboguide (9147) through Nocti and Fanuc Academy Handling Tool Operations and Programing through C-TEC.


                Much of my experience like my education resulted from working with my father programming computers and robots. Many of the entries below were customers that my dad and I worked on together. I have also worked in manufacturing for nearly 20 years focused on running production, performing quality assurance and creating the automation associated with these activities.

Williams Computer Consulting Packages

            Service: This package allows a service company to track events and manages their books. An event flows through the software from scheduling, assigning to employees, completion of task, billing, invoicing, cash receipts, statements, and payment to employees.  There is a 12-step payroll that figures tax, prints checks, hardcopy reports and more.

            Retail: We developed an Inventory package for one of our customers (KRW Added Touches in Pataskala, Ohio). They had a need for a package where they could combine many components and raw materials, and labor hours into a set. We created a way to Record Receipts to Stock and Sales data to maintain Balance-On-Hand information.

            Accounts Payable: Every business has trouble keeping track of their checkbook. This software makes it easy.  If you can use a checkbook, you can use this software.  We have incorporated easily used expense accounts, default expense account #’s, a means of tracking petty cash, and all our reports are based on date ranges.

Independent Trailer Services                                        Dayton, Ohio

                Using Visual Basic and Microsoft Access I helped design and write an Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Invoicing, Sales Commissions, Payroll, Trailer Rental, Storage Garage, and Accounts Payable system.

Label Graphix, Inc.                                                           Heath, Ohio

I helped this Label producer with its hardware and software needs. I helped to prepare software classes. I helped create a package to keep track of, and report on, EPA Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Emissions. The package interfaces Access and Visual Basic with Excel (Color Formula Documents) and calculates the VOC emissions.

Caine Corporation                                                           Hebron, Ohio                         

I helped modify programs for this manufacturing company (Bill of materials Clipper software).

Heisey Collectors of America                                        Newark, Ohio

I helped develop a Microsoft Access database system to track members nationwide. A mailing label report pre-sorts their mail to cut their operating cost.

Go International Model Management, Inc.                Columbus Ohio

I performed a needs-assessment for this model management agency. I developed a model database. I helped them with some accounting options. While I worked on this project I used ACT, Microsoft Windows for Workgroups, Peachtree Accounting, and Microsoft Word and Excel.

Midcon Petroleum, Inc.                                                  Newark, Ohio

I flowcharted this oil company’s FoxPro software.

Appletree Auction Center                                              Newark, Ohio   

I flowcharted this auction center’s FoxPro software.

Interleave Systems                                                          Heath, Ohio

I designed and presented a multimedia presentation explaining the software of a print and apply label system/robot.  The print and apply system would print a bar-coded label then apply it to a product (bag in a box) or a pallet full of product on Coca-Cola's production lines. This presentation also proposed a hand pack label system for smaller businesses. The hand pack system was a user-friendly graphical user interface, which allowed users to use standard label formats to label their product.

Food Pantry Network of Licking County                     Newark, Ohio

I designed an inventory tracking system that would track where food came from (local donor, food drive, government agency) and where food went (Pantry, soup kitchen, shelter). The package allows them to generate invoices and summary reports. I wrote this package using Microsoft Access.

Zippy's Antiques                                                              Alexandria, Ohio

I educated the owners on the World Wide Web and the technologies surrounding it. I designed and implemented a web site to test the market for rare antiques on-line. I designed an auction-listing (Visual Basic – Access – Crystal Reports) package to help keep track of auctions, sellers, buyers, emails, receipts, and expenses. It prints checks, labels, mail insurance claims, reports, envelopes, and more. The software has advanced search capabilities that make it easy to find or filter information.

Assured Protection, Inc.                                                 Newark, Ohio

I helped convert this preplanned funeral trust's software from a Dos 1.1 operating system that used the GWBasic programming language to Microsoft Access. Then we wrote a Visual Basic front-end user-interface to manipulate and propagate the data.  This package distributes earnings to participants much like a mutual fund. The software generates 1099s for the participants. The software also included a general ledger package including: journals, income statement, balance sheet, and trial balance.

H&W Transportation                                                       Heath, Ohio

            I helped rewrite a shipping broker package (Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable) using Access Databases, Visual Basic front end, and Crystal Reports. This package handles load information between shippers and carriers. It prints invoices, statements, checks to carriers, cash requirements report, aging reports, find carrier to help cover a load, and much more.



Victoria’s Secret Stores                                                  Reynoldsburg, Ohio  

                Victoria’s Secret utilized me in many different areas both as a temporary employee and as an independent contractor.  I believe my attention to detail and my ability to keep track of information is the reason they have used me in so many ways.

              I worked in the Accounts Payable Department as an auditor. Duties included: matching invoices to receipts, data entry, resolution of cost differences and unit differences, charge backs, filing, record retention, and auditing checks and invoices. I used a Lawson interface to connect to an AS400 to enter and retrieve data. I was able to link Access tables to the AS400 databases through ODBC (open database connectivity) to query data. I also modified and created several Excel spreadsheets.

                I worked in the Textile Technology Quality Assurance Department assisting textile technologists with the color approval process. I helped the laboratory technician with the testing of fabrics & garments and created reports based on results. I created 30 report formats based on tests put forth by the American Association of Chemists and Colorists & the American Society for Testing and Materials. These reports will be used by Limited Brands testing facilities and by the Limited’s vendor’s laboratories for the testing of fabrics, garments, and garment accessories. I also created an accredited laboratory spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet lists the vendor laboratories and what tests they have been accredited to run.

I worked for the Human Resources Stores Department as a programmer. I wrote three software packages using Visual Basic, Access, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft Office to keep track of survey data. For each survey I created a user interface for the entry and manipulation of data and the printing of Crystal reports. I also created over 100 spreadsheets.

I created a weekly reporting and activities package for the Human Resources Home Office Department. This package allows associates in the department to communicate the who, what, where, when, why, and how of their jobs to their manager. This package has a Visual Basic front end connected to an Access database on a network with Crystal Reports.

I designed a labor scheduling/ inventory projection tool for the Financial Planning and Analysis Department.  This application looks at the distribution centers outbound projections (which are broken out into categories) and an individual store’s contribution to the overall company (based on historical selections) and the amount of time it takes to process a category item to project the number of hours to schedule for processing the incoming inventory. This project had many interesting exceptions to handle; such as, new stores, relocation/remodeling stores, stores not included in the distribution centers projections. With the exceptions handled and a good process created this tool helps to bring the future into focus. Tools which enable you to see the future can greatly improve the bottom line.

Mast Industries Inc.                                                         Reynoldsburg, Ohio   

I worked as a textile technologist.  One of my duties was to visually evaluate color for garment trims. Using a light box to compare trims to color standards and bulk history I would approve or reject lab dips and bulk lots. Then comment on the approvals or rejections, to help give direction to the vendors.  I would submit elastics, fabrics, and garments for testing and based on the results I would approve or reject the item. Then the information is reported to vendors and designers. We utilized Web PDM(a global database) to save and track the data.

                After finishing this position, I continued to work on an Excel spreadsheet project. The spreadsheet helps merchants communicate their purchases or desired purchases to the Quality Assurance department. Based on the merchant selection of buy type the spreadsheet adjusts testing defaults and displays remaining options.  When Quality Assurance receives the merchant work request, they know exactly what needs done.   

Kolbus Controls                                                                Carrolton, Ohio

            Kolbus Controls specializes in PLC programming for Electroplating production. Working with them, I have written the software to control several very large robots.

            For Masterguard/Flex n Gate Electroplating in Veedersburg, Indiana we created a robot that monitored and controlled 14 Hoists, 128 Tank Locations, 100 Storage Locations, Six Elevators, Three Shuttles and around 50 other motors. This software was written in Visual Basic hooked to Access Databases and Allen-Bradley PLCs.  They chrome plate bumpers for the auto industry.

            For Rolls Royce in Indianapolis, Indiana we created a robot that monitored and controlled a One Hoists, 19 Tank Locations. This software was written in Visual Basic hooked to Access Databases and Allen-Bradley PLCs. The hoist moved based on part recipes which included the timings for all the tanks along with Rectifier information (Amps/Volts), drain times, etc. They copper plate jet engine parts for aviation industry.

            For General Super Plating in Syracuse, New York we created a robot that monitored and controlled 6 Hoists, 70 Tank Locations. This software was written in Visual Basic hooked to Access Databases and PLCs.  They chrome plate plastic handles for razors among many other things.

Ampacet                                                               Heath, Ohio /Queretaro, Mexico

            We created an Access Database Visual Basic project that keeps track of Customers, Orders, Scheduling, Raw Materials, Finished Goods and Recipe information for this large plastics manufacturer that was opening a plant in Mexico. It is expected to take six months to a year to integrate their corporate enterprise software into the mix, so they needed some software that would allow them to open the doors and start it up.

Composix Company/TenCate Advanced Armor              Newark/ Hebron, Ohio

I started working for Composix as a production employee making vehicle armor. I soon became a press operator. During this time, I also worked as a contract employee creating a database for ballistic test results.

                As Composix transitioned to TenCate, I started a leadership role. I would help direct production activities and train employees. I was a team lead of seven people running several large presses. We were producing personal and vehicle armor. I was also a lead for FMS(foreign military service) SAPI(small arms protective insert) production. I managed over fifty people who would take the personal armor plates we were producing on the presses and turn them into a finished good to sell the United States government.

                When an initiative began to utilize FileMaker for several database functions, I was given the opportunity to program in FileMaker. I helped create a database of parts with reports that communicate work instructions to several work centers. The software generates serial numbers and barcode labels which facilitate data entry for the Quality Department. The Quality Control data input utilizes barcode scanners and automated scales. The production aspects of the software also capture processing details, material usage, and material traceability. Data can be analyzed for defects by shift, date, size, type of part, and by order. I created 2d barcode label programs for a product line. I created a production and traceability program that keeps track of material and processing traceability utilizing barcodes ad tracks all inspections.

                I have also connected a FileMaker Server to a SQL server that houses the E2 accounting data via ESS (External SQL Data Sources) and ODBC (Open Database Connectivity).  Using this connection, I have generated scheduling tools and job costing tools.

I also have administered and made modifications to the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relations Management system.

                I helped implement Microsoft Dynamics AX. My focus was to setup the lean manufacturing portion. I created resource groups as work cells, production flows, Kanbans, bills of materials. I setup the foundation for capacity planning and outside services.  I setup purchase agreements and service items for outside sources. I trained users to do many functions in AX; including, how to ship and receive, invoice, create bills of materials, use master planning, setup new items, how to do calculated cost rollups, setup vendors, customers, carriers, and much more. I coordinated improvements to the system with internal and external resources.

Armor Source                                                                       Hebron, Ohio

            We created a Ballistics Testing Database for this armor company. The database maintained and calculated V50, and V0 tests. We used Microsoft Access 2003/2007 for the project. This flavor also included ammunition inventory procedures.

High Com Security, Inc.                                                   Columbus, Ohio

                        We created a Ballistics Testing Database for this armor company. The database maintained and calculated V50, V50 Velocity Loss, V0 and VS/VR tests. We used Microsoft Access 2003/2007 for the project.


Alphalink Technologies                                                     Newark, Ohio

                I worked as a call center troubleshooter. I would help customers remedy problems with their internet services and computer systems. I also managed customer daily backups.

THK                                                                                        Hebron, Ohio

Currently I work for THK as a production supervisor for the Linkball Assembly department. Duties include: coordinating manufacturing activities of 20 people and 34 work cells to meet customers’ expectations for quality and quantity, production reporting, quality reporting, payroll, maintenance and engineering requests, manage the flow of materials from raw components to finished good and shipment. I had previously been a production technician/operator. I had been operating three to four work cells a day that produce a component for a stabilizer link for an automobile's suspension in the Die Cast department. Each work cell has several Fanuc articulated robots. Other automated components include a die cast machine, a furnace, a check station, a deburr, a trim press, a ladle, a thermolator and a ball feeder. There are three HMI(Human Machine Interface) terminals to interact with the cells. These HMI terminals are at the beginning, middle and end of the process. Each Fanuc robot has a handheld teach pendant interface to touch up programs and operate the robot. My job was to keep the cells running quality products. I modify movement statements in the Fanuc programs...troubleshoot quality or operational issues and perform maintenance. I have also helped THK with production scheduling and warehousing.

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