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Our computer consulting company specializes in Visual Basic, Access, Excel, Microsoft Office and HTML. Put some real management tools to work and stop using your abacus.


One of my customers got a contract, with a large beverage producer, to automate the labeling of all of their syrup lines. These lines placed 5 gallons of syrup in a plastic bag, which was placed into a cardboard box. The box was sealed and when it passed by our machine, it would have a label (EDI Info, bar codes, ingredients, etc.) applied to the box. We also had pallet labelers at the end of the line that would print and apply a shipping label to the shrunk wrapped skid.

We increased their production significantly. This increased their production over a half million dollars per day, per line. We automated 70 lines.

I had a six month contract with this company, and helped them with the programming, which was Visual Basic hooked to Access databases and their Order Entry software. I also traveled around the country, installing the software on their Lan's and Wan's, and trained line operators and maintenance men.

A well-placed computer with the right software can create alchemy.

This is the product labeler. It's a very sophisticated thermal printer. There is no way a thermal printer could print 44 labels per minute. But, with this device the printer would continue to print, getting far ahead of the line. Wrapping printed labels up and down a maze of waiting labels. When a box passed by, our machine would kick out a stamp pad and stick a label on the box. Then a brush would serve to firmly apply it. A bar code reader would then read the applied label and verify that it made it on the box. If it didn't the line would stop and an operator could fix any problems.
This is the pallet labeler. A arm that has a printed label being held in place by air vacuum kicks out when it senses a skid and applies a pallet label to the shrunk wrapped skid.

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