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Ronald G. Williams

Phone: (740) 281-0671

email: RonAndJason@WilliamsComputerConsulting.Com


Work Experience

Williams Computer Consulting 9/78 to present

During these years I have been a self-employed computer consultant. I have designed and written custom software; trained operators; installed and modified pre-written packages; performed needs assessments and provided the hand holding necessary for the following customers to fully utilize their computers. In some cases, I have written procedure manuals for all of a company’s functions, complete with example general ledger entries. I have programmed using Access, Basic, Visual Basic, HTML, VB Script, Active X, Active Server Pages, COBOL, RPG, Assemblers, FORTRAN, dBase, Clipper, Informix, Fox Pro, and I can write a Excel macro that will do the dishes. I know computers and how to make them work for you. I have much teaching experience and have trained hundreds of students in data processing and accounting. I have worked on dozens of types of computers and know how to make them talk to each other. In 1983 I bought a PC and have been concentrating on PC software since.

Customer Base

Kolbus Controls                                   Carrolton , Ohio

            Kolbus Controls is involved very much in PLC programming, specializing in Electroplating.

Working with them, my son (Jason) and I have written the software to control several very large Robots.

            Masterguard Electroplating       Veedersburg , Indiana    

Rolls Royce                              Indianapolis , Indiana

            General Super Plating  Syracuse , New York

Ampacet                                              Heath, Ohio

                                                            Queretaro , Mexico

Interleave Systems, Inc.                   Heath, Ohio

Assured Protection, Inc.                 Newark, Ohio

Board of Elections                           Newark, Ohio

Assured Protection Funeral Expense Trust, Inc. Newark, Ohio

Goodman & Son Mfg. Jewelry, Inc. Columbus, Ohio

United Way of Licking Co.           Newark, Ohio

United Way of Central Stark Co. Canton, Ohio

United Way of Pinelas Co.             St. Pete, Florida

Dountz Ag Service                          Orient, Ohio

Criss Bros. Funeral Home              Newark, Ohio

Heisey Collectors of America, Inc. Newark, Ohio

Dayton Mattress                              Dayton, Ohio

Hance Manufacturing                     Westerville, Ohio

Independent Trailer Services          Dayton, Ohio

The Center for Alternative Resources Newark, Ohio

Finefrock Funeral Home               Mansfield, Ohio

Thermal-gard of Ohio                   Columbus, Ohio

Church of Christ                           Columbus, Ohio

American Red Cross                    Newark, Ohio

Ideal Sanitation                            Newark, Ohio

Contour Forming                        Newark, Ohio

Dynacraft Golf Products, Inc     Newark, Ohio

Pal-Joey Golf, Inc.                       Newark, Ohio

Multi-Flow of Columbus            Columbus, Ohio

Park National Bank                     Newark, Ohio

Howden Co.                                Newark, Ohio

Agency for Retarded Citizens   Newark, Ohio

Downey, Speaks & Associates   Columbus, Ohio

Fyrepel Products                         Newark, Ohio

Licking County Aging Program Newark, Ohio

Enterprise Gas and Oil              Cambridge, Ohio

Ralph Dunlap CPA’s                Newark, Ohio

Whalen and Company CPA’s Newark, Ohio

Hayes Concessions                    Columbus, Ohio

Faternity Management             Columbus, Ohio

Ludowici                                    New Lexington, Ohio

Boy Scouts                                 Newark, Ohio

Eastern Drilling Mud Service Cambridge, Ohio

General Business Services       Granville, Ohio

Beckman Transportation        Buckeye Lake, Ohio

H&W Transportation             Buckeye Lake, Ohio

Benatti Gas and Oil                 Cambridge, Ohio

Walker and Battat Ford          Heath, Ohio

YMCA                                     Canton, Ohio

YMCA                                    Newark, Ohio

Bureau of Child Support      Newark, Ohio

The Racquet Center              Newark, Ohio

Label Graphix, Inc                Heath, Ohio

Talsol Manufacturing           Cincinnati, Ohio

The Front Wall                     Newark, Ohio

Ohio State University Newark, Ohio

Army National Guard (helicopter division)

Rickenbacker - Columbus, Ohio

Callif Foods Columbus, Ohio

Fresh & Ready Columbus, Ohio

Wells Snyder & Co. CPA’s Newark, Ohio

Sensotec, Inc. Columbus, Ohio

Meridian Drilling & Equip. Newark, Ohio

Wiler, Doucher, Van Buren & Boyle Columbus, Ohio

Wasserman Columbus, Ohio

Engle Wholesale Florist Columbus, Ohio

David Martin (attorney) Newark, Ohio

Stevens Warehouse Services Heath, Ohio

O.D.O.T Columbus, Ohio

Apple Tree Auction Center Newark, Ohio

Mid Con Petroleum Heath, Ohio

National Energy Exploration Heath, Ohio

Agri General Corporation Croton, Ohio

Caine Corporation Hebron, Ohio

I also taught several computer courses at Central Ohio Technical College. The computers used were a DEC PDP-1170 and IBM PC’s. On the DEC computer I taught advanced COBOL and Systems. On the PC’s I taught DOS, Basic, dBase, Spreadsheets, and Word Processing. I also served as a member of the Advisory Committee for Computer Programming Technology.

WORK EXPERIENCE (before starting business)

Thriftway - Sav-All 9/74 to 9/78

Cincinnati, Ohio

Position: Lead Programmer, Analyst

Thriftway - Sav-All is a grocery, drug store chain. During my employment I was involved in a wide range of applications and responsibilities. I completely developed: their payroll system; created a rolodex system which formulated retails for all of their prescription items; developed movement and gross profit systems for both companies; developed a system to monitor all of the bad checks that were accepted at the stores; developed price check systems; and a multitude of inventories. Also I played a major role in two hardware conversions. First was a conversion from an IBM 360/20 to a NCR Century 101. The second was to a Univac 9030. I was involved in implementing on-line CRT systems, remote batch processing, 2780 emulation with an IBM 370 host. Languages used were: RPG2; COBOL; and Assembler.

Eastland Joint Vocational Center 9/73 to 7/74

Groveport, Ohio

Position: Senior Data Processing Instructor

I taught high school seniors: Computer operations; RPG2; COBOL; OCL statements; Disk utilities; Flowcharting; Documentation; Unit record equipment; etc. I also taught Advanced Accounting and Business Law. I was the advisor of the OEA Club and worked on the placement of students.


Adult Education Center 8/ 72 to 8/73

Columbus, Ohio

Position: Data Processing Instructor

I taught computer programming and operations. I also was involved in the placement of students. Languages taught were: RPG; COBOL; Assembler; and FORTRAN.

Mata College 6/70 to 11/72

Columbus, Ohio

Position: Asst. Director of Training

I taught computer programming and operations. Placement of students was also a part of my duties. Languages taught: RPG; COBOL; Assembler; and FORTRAN.

Additional Remarks


High School:

Newark Senior High Newark, Ohio 9/63 to 6/66

Technical School:

Automation Institute Columbus, Ohio 10/67 to 8/68

Course: computer programming and Operations

College: Ohio University Athens, Ohio 9/68 to 1/72

Course of study: Computer Science, Business,

Quantitative Methods and Psychology

I also attended an advanced Lotus course at Mentor Technology in Columbus.

This is the short version of my resume. Click here to see the long version. 

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