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Storage Garage Software

ITS is one of my customers. They sell and repair trailers. Several years ago they started buying old trailers and renting them out to construction sites and retail establishments. They now have over 150 of these to keep track of. They also built a bunch of storage garages. Keeping track of storage garage info is very much like trailer rental. But their are some differences. If you have trailers you rent out check out our trailer rental software. For both they need to invoice their customers, and handle receipts and statements. So, I created this software. It is written in Visual Basic 6 and I'm using Access 2000 databases. The reports I created using Crystal Reports.

Above is the Main Menu for this package. One of it's options is to Setup the Lot. Here is where you tell the software how many units there are. Or where you would add units during an expansion. You have the ability to move these units wherever you want on the screen. This means that you end up with a GUI representation of your lot.

The unit edit screen allows you to include the default billing info. Such as the lessee name and address, type of rental (Daily, Weekly or Monthly), rates, etc. Then at the end of the month you only need to deal with the odd balls.

This package makes it easy to enter check info (Cash Receipts) and to keep track of account balances.

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