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Brokerage Trucking Software

Covering other people's loads with other people's equipment.

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This package handles load information between shippers and carriers. It prints invoices, statements, checks to carriers, cash requirements report, aging reports, 1099's, there are find carrier options to help cover a load, and much more.

This is the main menu.


This is an input form. It can be used to add, change, delete, and find a shipper. There is a Dial Shipper button that will speed dial thru a phone modem. You can view all records or sorted records on the grid tab.
The first two tabs are input forms. It can be used to add, change, delete, and find a carrier. You can also filter, sort and display all carriers on the grid tab. There is a Dial Carrier button that will speed dial thru a phone modem. The first tab keeps track of load origin information on each state
This is the second tab. It tracks the destination information for all of a carriers loads.
This form displays all the information about an individual load. The red buttons allow you to find and pick a shipper, carrier, or consignee, so there is only a need to type it once and use over and over.
This is the second tab for load information. The red button will find and retrieve bill to information.
This form allows brokers to find a carrier based on origin state and destination state. This form speeds up the brokers ability to cover a load.
This form will find loads that match the users criteria.
This is a print report dialog form. This can print to a window on a screen, a file, or to a printer.
This is a report printed to a window.



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