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Brokerage Trucking Software (Version 2)

            In the mid 80’s I wrote a dBase package for H&W Trucking. At the time they were brokering loads between shippers and carriers. The software handled invoicing, accounts receivable, carrier payables, 1099s, aging reports, etc. In 1999 I rewrote it using Visual Basic 5, hooked to an Access 97 database. In 2001 I redid it using Visual Basic 6, hooked to Access 2000.

            At some point, they started buying used trailers, with the intent of trying to keep them on the road and in use. Now they had different info to keep track of. I wrote two new packages, one to handle a refrigeration division and one to handle vans. Long story made short. They ended up with 7 different cost centers, 7 databases, and 7 flavors of software.

            The 1st version, where they were trying to cover other people’s loads with other people’s equipment, had the ability to look through their decades of history data, and find carriers that had covered that origin and destination in the past.

            The 2nd version, where they were trying to cover other peoples loads with their trailers and sometimes their tractors, but mostly other people’s trucks. Different percentages, different who pays what options. More stuff to keep track of.

            Hey. The trucking industry is a huge piece of our economy. There have to be thousands of ways people are arranging loads.

Version #2        click here to check out Version #1


This is the main menu. It consist of buttons linking to several data entry edit screens: Shipper / Consignee, Owner, Truck, Trailer, Driver, and Load Edit. Buttons also lead to available reports: Dispatch Sheet, Checks Written, Monthly Load Report, Print Statements, 1099 Edit Report, Print Receipts, Cash Requirements Report, AR Aging Report, AP Aging Report. 


This is an input form. It can be used to add, change, delete, and find a shipper. There is a Dial Shipper button that will speed dial thru a phone modem. You can view all records or sorted records on the grid tab.

It has a nice find option. The left side is in order by Shipper ID. The right side is sorted by Name. This database could have thousands of companies.  You can type in part of either and the computer searches and displays only the shippers that have those characters.




We have four files that we maintain for percentage info for payments. An Owner, Tractor, Trailer, and Driver file.
Truck Screen
Trailer Screen
Each of these has a date tab at the top. So you can pull up your data by owner, truck, trailer, or driver.
Here are the two screens for load info.
Load Screen 2.
Invoice Process.




Let us customize your trucking company. 

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