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Visual Basic Conversion Rewrite

On March 31, 2005, Microsoft dropped regular support for Visual Basic 6. VB 6 will move into Microsoft's Non-Supported Phase in 2008 There is a need to rewrite or convert a bunch of code. There is good and bad with everything. When you convert your Visual Basic code it will be much cheaper than the original cost to write your program and it should be cheaper than your last conversion. As Visual Basic matures it is speeding up development and conversions. You may be able to afford new niceties that were not an option in the past. 

We have been improving our speed as well. Ron started using Basic way before I was born. I started looking at Basic code before I could walk. By the time I started kindergarten I hade modified programs under the direction of my dad. When I wrote my first solo program I utilized BasicA. We have used many different flavors of Basic and Visual Basic. We have made these tools do so many things. We have constantly moved forward with the Windows paradigm. We can help you move your unique way of doing things into the future.

Are you needing some Visual Basic 6 code converted to VB.net or Access. Read this C|Net article at News.com. (March 16,2005) 

Microsoft walks VB tight rope

Basic was created in 1963 at Dartmouth College by John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz and was known as Dartmouth Basic. When Bill Gates and Paul Allen got involved they transformed the world. When they created Altair Basic computer manufactures everywhere saw the importance. Soon thru licensing Apples, IBMs, Commodores, and others depended on Basic to run many programs. Microsoft became the most important vendor IBM had or has known. Microsoft leveraged there abilities at this early point to lay the foundation to become the worlds largest software company. Then they started making real cool tools. Microsoft's BasicA turned IBM into a personal computer empire. Microsoft's GWBasic tore it down. BasicA reqired IBM's Rom to work. GWBasic did not. GWBasic helped the rise of Compaq and other PC manufacturers. 

Visual Basic History and Information @ Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_basic

Visual Basic 3 environment.

Visual Basic 6 environment. 

In 1991 Basic got Visual. Visual Basic 1.0 was followed by Visual Basic 2.0 in 1992. Then in 1993 Visual Basic 3.0 came out and that is when Ron and I started using Visual Basic. When Visual Basic 4.0 was released in august of 1995 about the same time as Windows 95, we started to get excited. We read the thousands of pages of manuals cover to cover. By the time we were done with our reading and had created some programs and custom packages Visual Basic 5.0 came out. Starting in 1997 we converted our programs from 4.0 to 5.0 and wrote many new programs connecting Visual Basic to Access databases. Visual Basic 6.0 was and is a beautiful thing. We still utilize VB6 when we are asked to and it is like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes. Visual Basic 6.0 and Windows 98 were a joy to work with and I will always have good memories of from those days. Some would say "what about DLL H&LL?". But I would say "we could never before accomplish so much so fast." Now I am looking forward to Visual Basic 2005. I have seen the beta and expect the improvements in Visual Basic.Net and the improvements past VB.Net will be incorporated into a most powerful environment. I look forward to trying on my new shoes and I would be glad to put on my old ones to help you run into the future.


Update: I went to Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server, and BizTalk Server launch in Chicago, Illinois.  

The launch event was a great time. I signed up in October thru Microsoft's Website. Ron and I happened to be with a customer in Indianapolis Indiana the day of the Launch. So I drove several hours and picked up the new software for free. The keynote speech was a great pep rally and the software demonstrations were very informative. 

The new Dot Net Framework 2.0 will be opening up the internet and other platforms to real neat user friendly programming. Microsoft's Web Developer component of Visual Studio will change the Web landscape immensely. 

Visual Basic 2005 Beta.


Visual Basic to Access option:

If you are wanting to convert some Visual Basic applications, you should consider having it rewritten utilizing Microsoft Access. The VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) portion now allows programmers to create full blown applications in a fast and efficient manner. Microsoft Access is now in it's 11th version with Access 12 slated to come out around the same time as Vista (Microsoft next generation operating system). The prior versions left some things hanging. Especially reporting features. Since the Office 2003 release, this shortcoming has been corrected. Visual Basic will continue to be needed for the more sophisticated applications, especially ones that have to communicate with all of the new and old devices that are on the table. However, if you just want a desktop application that can handle the database data entry, menu and reporting features, Access is a great option. For one thing Microsoft will undoubtedly give these applications a path for future upgrades, along with conversion wizards that will make a transition easy. Microsoft is pushing developers to use the Office platform for custom programming development. I understand why. It is getting to be so strong and so fast and so easy, that the cost of putting these tools on everyone's desktop will pay dividends not imagined at purchase. The cost of Microsoft Access and the Microsoft Office tools will more than pay for its self, in the time saved in development and the increased capabilities of your people.

To look at some of our old and new Visual Basic adventures, check out our Software Packages Web page.  

On March 20th, 2008, Jason and I attended the Microsoft Heroes Happen Here Launch of Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008. Where we picked up our copies of this new and exciting software.

We have the ability to quickly create applications that will work for you. Give us a try!  


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