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Our computer consulting company specializes in .Net Framework, Visual Basic, Visual C#, Databases, Access, Excel, Microsoft Office, SQL Server, Expression And Microsoft Dynamics. Put some real management tools to work and stop using your abacus.


Williams Computer Consulting was a father/son computer programming team. Now that my father has passed, I am continuing on .... We provided cool software solutions and helped many people. We helped over a hundred companies with spreadsheets, documents, databases, websites, presentations, software manuals, and custom software packages tailored to meet customer needs. We worked with fortune 500 companies, mom and pop businesses, social service agencies, government agencies, academia, agriculture, energy, medical, insurance, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, banking, transportation, military,  electroplating,  plastics, labeling and robotics. I miss you Dad.

I have concentrated on Microsoft software tools, including Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Office (Productivity Suite), Microsoft Access (Database Software), Microsoft FrontPage (Graphical/GUI interface for HTML),  Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheet/Workbook Software), Microsoft PowerPoint (Computer Presentation Software) for the last decade. I have helped my dad with some old legacy software. Mostly databases: DBase, Foxpro, Clipper...etc.

But the world is changing. The tools that are now available are truly amazing and it's never been easier to learn, for geeks. Microsoft has a wonderful series of (How do I?) Videos.

My newest path is to explore the new tools that Microsoft is improving ie... ASP.net, SQL Server, Silver Light, Web Developer, Expression, Visual Basic, Visual C# and all else included in Visual Studio is loaded with new classes of functionality that make layers of code a click away. Microsoft Dynamics is amazing.

We have some very good information for you, if you are patient enough to find it. But you must understand that most people today got into computers when Windows 95 came out. I got into the Internet and started this Web Site. Dad had already been into computers for 28 years.  When I was three Dad and I took our 1st computer consulting road trip. We drove to St. Pete, Florida and got a hotel room. For the next three weeks, Dad would drop me at Grandpaís and go to United Way of Pinellas County (St. Pete) and work with them on the computer. Then pick me up and go back to the Hotel room and have fun. So, in 1995 when I was 19, he had exposed me to how he made money for 16 years.

Ok, at last count I have over 1,000 Web Pages imbedded from this portal. I have used it to communicate with Customers. I have used it to help us find new projects. I have used it to supply our Customers, Friends, Students, Co-Workers and the World at Large a way to easily find what they need.

How may we help you? 

Are you looking for...

an Access Programmer?

a Visual Basic Programmer?

an Electroplating PLC Visual basic programmer who can program a ROBOT the size of a football field? 

Storage Garage / Lot Management / Trailer Leasing Software?

Dump Truck Brokerage Dispatch Software?

18 wheeler Truck Brokerage Dispatch Software?

some easy General Ledger Software?

help with Microsoft Office?

Funeral Trust Software? 2007 Rewrite

***an OLD Basic 4 Corporation BBx Programmer? who can customize MAI Accounting Packages. I have done that for 12 customers! I understand all of the ugly code in the overlays; I understand the File Structure and the relationships among the files. I can get the changes done! Do I want to? No. I like using the new tools that utilize the technology thatís available today. But if youíre willing to pay me $100 per hour to do this, I will. I have even taken those obsolete Mai files and created ASCII text files (Comma Delimited) and imported them into the new millennium. Why havenít you? You people are living in the 1970ís.


help with a Web Site?

If you get into Yahoo and type in Computer Consulting as your Key Words we come up 63 out of 50,000,000 hits. If you type in Dump Truck Software we come up on page 1 out of a million hits. We know how to do better, than 99.99999 % of the other Web Sites out there. This is important. This is the Holy Grail of the Internet.

***Customized Survey Analysis and Reporting Software? You wonít believe what Jason put together over at Victoria ís Secret.

***And for the people who have ask me about Jasonís capabilities, I am putting up a new pageÖ Look what my boy did.

help setting up an EBay Store or selling an EBay item?

or maybe you're a Recruiter looking for our resumes.

            Give me a call, or send me an email, and letís work some synergy and accomplish something good.

***A few dad links and language, that I can't remove.


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